Buzzworks Trading. Recycling and Scrap buyer

Scrap Disposal and Hauling procedures

             Contract signing


            Buzzworks sends a fleet of trucks to collect scrap materials.


 Weighing of the scrap materials at the site with the presence of the representative of both parties (Note: both representative assures the accuracy of the weight and only the specified scrap materials are loaded to our trucks.)

 PEZA prepares letter of authority, gate pass, invoice and the PEZA 8106.

All handling and transportation documentation outside your company will be handled by Buzzworks.


                                                        CHART OF WASTE MATERIAL MANAGEMENT







             The value of the scrap materials are based on the prices of London Metal Exchange (LME).

In most cases, the buying price of Buzzworks on materials with significant amount of metal depends on the prices at LME.

             For other scrap materials

we will be using companies responsible for assaying the materials and prices will be based in the assay report.



                                 Export Procedures